TrustTech OpenText services

This blog is dedicated to publishing the detail behind making changes to the OpenText product set and all the challenges that a consultant faces at every stage.

TrustTech OpenText services include providing dedicated on site consultancy to maximise the potential of the customerOpenText software.

TrustTech provide seasoned OpenText consultants that have worked within the EIM industry for 15 years or more.

Please check back for weekly updates.

2 Responses to TrustTech OpenText services

  1. Tom Duncan says:


    How do I obtain a copy of this jar file please: com.opentext.cside.jar

    Kind Regards

    Tom Duncan

    • ihalliwell says:

      Hi Tom,

      You can download this plugin from the knowledge centre or request a copy from OpenText.

      Let me know how you get on with it.

      Cheers iain

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