OpenText CSIDE Upgrade

This article and diagram “OpenText CSIDE Upgrade” describes the module that I am upgrading.

The diagram represents the environment that the module resides within, this modules environment that I upgrade to Content Server 10.x using OpenText CSIDE.

The module implements a new Content Web Service that overrides core OpenText Content Server functionality that exposes Content Sever application performance data.

This is a common type of customisation for Content Server, often requested by a customer due to the existing Content Web Service library isn’t mature enough to expose the detail of Content Server functionality.

I chose this module for the OpenText CSIDE upgrade , because it encompasses a level of complexity that will cover many of the topics required for an Livelink 9.71 to Content Server 10.5 module upgrade.

The module installation is on the Content Server Application server and accessed via the Web Services server cluster.

The updates that follow will include, importing the module into Eclipse, creating the module in CS10.5 and rebuilding the solution components, including the *.SVC and *.DLL files to the new Content Web Service functionality.

I am going to attempt to carry this out utilising a dedicated development environment on a laptop.

A number of prerequisites are required to enable you to follow this guide, they are at least the following:

1. A suitable dev environment.

2. Administrator access to the dev environment.

3. Visual Studio 2013/15.

4. SQL Server or Oracle database.

5. IIS 6/7/8.x WebServer.

6. Content Server 10.5.x

7. Livelink 9.7.1 and the Builder IDE.

I will give a comprehensive list of prerequisites in the next post.

More to follow shortly….

OpenText CSIDE Upgrade

Overview of CSIDE Environment

Iain Halliwell is a seasoned OpenText consultant who’s services are available through TrustTech a pending OpenText services partner and EIM professional services provider.

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